Beach Club Doganay

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Asukoht: Alanya (Konakli), Türgi
Perepuhkus, Soodne valik


Rahulik atmosfäär, tagasihoidlik 5-tärni peresõbralik hotell, Alanya piirkonnas, umbes 5 km kaugusel Konakli külast. Hinna ja kvaliteedi suhe on paigas. Tuntud hea animatsiooni poolest lastele. Suur veeliumägedega bassein. Beach Club Doganay sobib suurepäraselt ranna-, pere-, romantiliseks ja noortepuhkuseks (5* tagasihoidlik valik oma kategoorias).


  • Kaugus kiviklibu rannast umbes 70 m
  • Kaugus kuurordi keskusest on umbes 7 km (Alanya)
  • Kaugus lennujaamast umbes 60 km (Gazipasha), 125 km (Antalya)
  • Kaugus Konakli keskusest ca 5 km
  • Rannas on kaljud
  • Hotelli eraldab rannast tänav
  • Randa viib maa-alune tunnel


Ehitatud 1988. aastal, üldpindalaga 29.000 m², viimati renoveeritud 2016. aastal. Hotell koosneb kahest 6-korruselisest hoonest (80% numbritubadest on merevaate või osalise merevaatega).

  • Tubade arv – 391
  • Pearestoran
  • Restoranid – 2
  • A’ la Carte restoranid – 3
  • Baarid – 4
  • Konverentsisaalid – 5
  • TV-tuba
  • WiFi (paiguti hotelli territooriumil)
  • Kauplused (lisatasu eest)
  • Arst (päringu alusel, lisatasu eest)
  • Parkla
  • Bassein
  • Sisebassein
  • Lamamistoolid basseini ääres
  • Lamamistoolid rannas
  • Päikesevarjud basseini ääres
  • Päikesevarjud rannas
  • Rannarätikud basseini ääres
  • Rannarätikud rannas
  • Veeliumäed basseinis (3)
  • Hotelli ametlik kategooria – 5* (tagasihoidlik)


Standard tuba
  • Toa suurus umbes 26 m2
  • Vann või dušš
  • WC
  • Föön
  • Rõdu
  • Konditsioneer (reguleeritav)
  • Telefon
  • Televiisor
  • Minibaar (täidetakse 1 kord puhkuse kohta – vesi ja karastusjoogid)
  • Seif
  • Tee ja kohvi tegemise võimalus
  • Maksimaalne majutus – 3+1 inimest
  • Toa suurus umbes 40 m2
  • Vann või dušš
  • WC
  • Föön
  • Rõdu
  • Konditsioneer (reguleeritav)
  • Telefon
  • Televiisor
  • Minibaar (täidetakse 1 kord puhkuse kohta – vesi ja karastusjoogid)
  • Seif
  • Tee ja kohvi tegemise võimalus
  • Maksimaalne majutus – 3+1 inimest

Aktiivne puhkus

  • Aeroobika
  • Korvpall
  • Minijalgpall
  • Võrkpall
  • Jõusaal
  • Lauatennis
  • Valgustatud tenniseväljak (lisatasu eest)
  • Vesivõimlemine
  • Massaaž (lisatasu eest)
  • Türgi saun
  • Saun (lisatasu eest)
  • Veeliumäed basseinis (3)
  • Perioodiliselt korraldatakse meelelahutusprogramme


  • Lastebassein
  • Veeliumäed
  • Miniklubi
  • Mänguväljak
  • Minidisko
  • Beebivoodi
  • Beebitool restoranis
  • Perioodiliselt korraldatakse lastele meelelahutusprogramme

Hotelli toitlustus

  • Olemasolevad toitlustustüübid: Kõik hinnas +
  • A’ la Carte restoranid ettetellimisel. Külastuste arv on piiratud
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Beach Club Doganay Hotel
Based on 3712 reviews
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Mohsen IzadifarMohsen Izadifar
11:11 13 May 24
First of all I liked this hotel because of some staffs not all of them. Because after check out reception don’t want to help you any more. They look at you like a stranger. The location is in the middle of nowhere near a highway but it is 15 min driving from Alanya ..In the spa if you ask some question before paying they ignore you and they don’t wanna help you. It is sad because after all I paid for hotel and all the staff getting paid by my payment. Foods are good but not the best. They try to serve you with the remaining foods of the day before and some new foods. Alcoholic drinks are locals and even they have local tequilas😒.. I think they just put some alcohol ethanol with some juice and call it cocktails.. you cannot find any fine and original alcoholic drinks there. I liked pool and some entertainment but the staff of entertainment trying to make money from people but the managers don’t know abt it. Beds are terribly small I’m 190 cm and my feets were out of the bed while I was sleeping 😴 👣.. rooms are too small for 2 people.. if you want a place to sleep eat and drink some cheap stuff and take some rest it’s a nice place but it does not worth 100 euros or 120 per night.. you can find better places in the area with that price with better services.. I’m a tour manager and a local guide and I know how the things works in the tourism industry. Inside the hotel they don’t accept Turkish lira.. the currency is euros there and it is ridiculous. They don’t accept their own currency.. even in Europe the things are not expensive like there.. if you want to play video games or billiard they charge you 10 euros and it is freaking expensive.. so it’s not all inclusive at all.. just cheap food and cheap drinks are free..the guy named feyzullah sedo sold a cheap strange ship tour to us in the hotel he told me ship tour is all included but it was not. Don’t buy these type of cheap strange tours for 25 euros . They are lying abt it .. feyzollah told me I will give you 20 euros back for that tour but he didn’t . I had his number and after check out he ignored me 😄.. fake service.and don’t listen to regular people that they tell you it’s an amazing hotel no it is not.I’m an expert abt tourism and hotels.Hope the management team can improve their service.
Kestutis GelzinisKestutis Gelzinis
10:21 21 Apr 24
All was great. All inclusive everywhere. Night disco is on the beach side, so no loud music can be heard in/at hotel. WiFi was slightly weak, but I came to enjoy my holiday, not WiFi. For a hotel which is over 35 years old (we asked) it is still in very good condition.
Rahul KhandelwalRahul Khandelwal
11:46 09 Apr 24
Worst all inclusive hotel I have ever been to. If you follow a vegetarian diet, then strictly avoid this place. Food is low quality, and not everything is even labeled properly. Doesn't matter what alcoholic drink you order everything seems to be diluted to save the cost. Facilities are not bad and the animation team is great. In general the staff at the reception is okish with an exception to the guy at the guest relation desk. He seems to actually least care about the guests and showing attitude instead of trying to accommodate customer requests. Help yourself and invest your time and money perhaps at a better property.
Mick CotterMick Cotter
08:55 21 Mar 24
Arrived late the first night after traveling for the best part of the day. At check-in told only food available was some soup. Asked about being able to get a drink of any kind and was told nothing at all was available, not even water. Shown to the room which was reasonable and fairly clean however under bed and furniture had not been cleaned and still had a lot of dirt and dust under it. In the fridge was a carton of water about enough for a small glass to drink. Also provided were a couple of cups and a kettle however this seemed completely pointless as nothing was provided to make use of it,no tea coffee or milk, and probably not even enough water . Thought they may have been topped up during the week but no still nothing.Food at the hotel was very poor and repetitive mostly cold even when freshly put out,however did seem to very slightly improve over the week but still not to any decent standardFood was same at the beach bar however only saving grace here and at the hotel all over was that the pizzas was quite decent with a lot of people trying to live off these Food wiseBars only serve beer soft drinks tea and coffee with only one bar serving any shorts .only sugar free drink /zero drink available at any bars just seemed to be one two litre bottle a day which seemed to run out after 5 minutes and that's even if they had any .So if you are diabetic would give this hotel a wide swerveAll inclusive drinks finish at 11 pmNot a lot to do outside the hotel and nothing open within walking distance so bus or taxi will be needed to go anywhere however the bus is cheap fairly frequentOnly saving grace for this hotel was the staff all good and friendly with no issuesThe hotel claims to be 5 stars I have no idea how it got to that ,have travelled Turkey fairly frequently and often and have been in many 3 star hotels which have been far superiorA nice hotel that could be so much more but needs a lot doing to bring it up to a higher standard
Ivaylo IvanovIvaylo Ivanov
19:31 19 Mar 24
AMAZING!!! I will simply start with first step in to the reception. The first thing they asking you is: "Are you hungry? Go take some food and come back to check in." Impressive 😀Regarding the room please see the pictures... Says it all 👌🏻Staff are very friendly the place answering perfect on 5 start hotel 🏨 (please avoid reading comments regarding lowering the stars of the premises there is world criteria and if you don't reach it you will not have your stars.)The hygiene is a really in high level!Food very delicious 🤤 very rich salad bar all the time fresh vegetables and fruits.Different type of bread, traditional cooked food.You will always find what to eat it's impossible to starve...Regarding drinks all work as everywhere for all inclusive... You want be thirsty either... Bartenders are very attractive, sadly very little people tip...Regarding the spa in the hotel highly recommended all the heating rooms steam and salt souna, Turkish bath with the foam massage and the relaxing massage. Amazing experience. They definitely know how to look after people. Five star reviews is not enough if there was a option for seven I will leave seven.
  • Osa pakutavaid teenuseid ja/või lisateenuseid hotellis võivad olla lisatasu eest.
  • Hotelli kirjelduses märgitud toitu ja jooke serveeritakse hotelli juhtkonna poolt kehtestatud kontseptsiooni alusel.
  • Sõltuvalt broneeritud toitlustustüübist võib kehtida lisatasu.
  • Informatsioon hotelli kirjelduse, hotelli teenuste, nende aegade ja hindade kohta võib muutuda.
  • Soojendusega basseine (kui on olemas) köetakse hotelli äranägemisel vastavalt ilmaoludele ning hotelli täituvusele.
  • Hotellidel on õigus pakutavate teenuste valikut ja hindu muuta. Hooaja alguses ja lõpus (sõltuvalt täituvusest ja vajadustest) võib osa teenuseid mitte toimida või pakutavate teenuste maht olla piiratud.
  • Hotelli kodulehel leitavat informatsiooni haldab ja ajakohastab hotell. Reisibürool ja Reisikorraldajal puudub vastutus antud veebilehel avaldatud teabe kohta.
  • Skyekspert veebileheküljele postitatud fotod on illustratiivse tähendusega, mistõttu võivad hotellitoa värv, mööbel, planeering, toa tegelik seisukord, hotelli territoorium erineda.
  • Skyekspert pakub teavet hotellide kohta tuginedes ainult hotellide klassifikatsioonile, mille esitab hotelli administratsioon ning reisikorraldajad.