Cleopatra Golden Beach Hotel

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Asukoht: Alanya (keskus), Türgi
Tagasihoidlik, Linnahotell
Hotelli koduleht


Hotell Cleopatra Golden Beach asub Alanyas, kuulsast Cleopatra rannast üle tee. Kohapeal on restoran, baar ja hooajaline välibassein. Hotellis saate külastada ka sauna, Türgi aurusauna ja SPA. Aktiivsed külalised saavad rannas veespordiga tegeleda. Hea valik pretensioonitule kliendile, linna- ja rannapuhkuseks Alanyas.


  • Rannahotell
  • Hotell asub Alanya keskuses
  • Kaugus lennujaamast umbes 124 km
  • Kaugus merest (2 liin) umbes 50 m


  • Minimarket (kohapeal)
  • Ühine puhke-/telekatuba
  • Suitsetamiseks ettenähtud kohad
  • Äratusteenus
  • Autorent
  • Helikindlad toad
  • Lift
  • Juuksur/ilusalong
  • Toad mittesuitsetajatele
  • Restoran
  • Baar
  • Bassein (lamamistoolid, rätikud, päikesevarjud)
  • Lastebassein


  • Ranna tüüp: munitsipaalrand
  • Kalda tüüp: liiva-kiviklibune
  • Lamamistoolid: tasuline
  • Rannarätikud: tagatisraha
  • Päikesevarjud: tasuline
  • Baar rannas: tasuline


Standard Room
  • Toa suurus umbes 25 m2
  • Basseinivaade / Osaline merevaade / Merevaade (erinevad kategooriad)
  • Rõdu
  • Konditsioneer individuaalne
  • Ddušš
  • Föön
  • Minibaar
  • Telefon
  • Seif toas: tasuline
  • TV


  • Kõik Hinnas

Restoran, basseinibaar, Fuajeebaar, Rannabaar (tasuline), A la Carte restoranid (tasuline)

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Selcuk CetinSelcuk Cetin
20:55 30 Jun 24
There's bad broken glass everywhere.
18:04 30 Jun 24
I regret to say that my stay at this hotel was very disappointing.Condition of the rooms: Immediately after entering the room, I was struck by an unpleasant musty smell. It turned out that the fungus on the walls was simply covered with paint, which not only does not solve the problem, but also endangers the health of guests. Additionally, the air conditioning was moldy, which made the air in the room unhealthy.Food: The food in the hotel was monotonous and not very tasty. The all inclusive option was definitely not up to standard. There was a lack of variety and some dishes were downright inedible. To make matters worse, the hotel did not offer any snacks between meals, which is unacceptable for an all-inclusive option.Conditions in the restaurant and pool bar: There were no fans in the restaurant and pool bar, which was unbearable given the high temperatures there. In other places, fans are standard, but here the lack of such a basic convenience was shocking to me.To sum up, the Cleopatra Golden Beach hotel definitely did not meet my expectations. Monotonous food and inadequate amenities made my stay very unpleasant. I advise you to avoid this place if you are planning a holiday in Turkey.
18:01 30 Jun 24
The rooms were nice, the air conditioner was nice and quiet, the bed was comfortable, the bathroom was very big and clean, the food was delicious and there was plenty of variety, they insisted that you go and eat before you leave, I liked it very much. Honestly, for the price I paid, maybe the food and drinks cost more than the price I paid. If I come to Alanya again, I prefer it, the location is nice, there is only a street by the sea, parking is a big problem in this hotel, as in all the hotels there, but finding a place was not a problem, we parked the car somewhere, we did not even play with it 😄 I recommend it
Piotr PPiotr P
17:40 29 Jun 24
People! Run away from this hotel as quickly as possible! One great comedy-drama! It stinks of piss everywhere, the food is better in prison, the rooms are full of fungus, dirt and mold. Just shit in the middle to make it fit nicely. Disgrace to the TUI travel agency that offers this motel, for which I am very angry! There is nothing in the motel, literally nothing that can be rated 2/5, everything is dirty and disgusting. The bartender served beer in dirty glasses, there was no air conditioning in the restaurant and no fans at the bar. Swimming pool? Hahaha, it's probably a tasteless joke (like the food served). I suggest the manager or owner to plow up this Hostel and plant wheat or grain in its place - it will be more beneficial. To sum up: I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS HOTEL TO MY BIGGEST ENEMY!!!!!
20:08 27 Jun 24
I am from Germany. I chose Kleopatra Golden Beach Hotel for the holiday. I was not wrong. The cleanliness of the hotel is superb. Morning, noon and dinner are wonderful. It is right next to the sea. Every drink is unlimited. The attention and care of the staff is great. Especially Ramazan Ali Efe and the night manager Selcuk Abiye at the reception. Thank you very much. This hotel will be my choice again. See you soon. about.
Darren SaltDarren Salt
21:25 01 Jun 24
Nice family staff not too far from main attractions I would visit this hotel again. Not a lot of entertainment put on in the evening.
Daniela AnwarDaniela Anwar
12:02 10 May 24
We spent 9 nights in the hotelThe pictures were very different from realityPositive --the location (sea is about 2 min walk away) the city about 20 min-The boy at the reception is quite niceNegative-The canal stinks in the bathroom - was reported but nothing was doneAlso the toilet flush does not work properly.After 1 week the TV was fixed-The food is the same every dayFrench fries, rice, spaghetti and chicken nuggets-except for the salads it is not self-service they give you something on your plate-The butter has run out-the tablecloths are always dirtyAll in all the food was very monotonous and without flavour.The staff in the restaurant is unfriendly except for the boss-The beach is to pay 10 euros a day-all inclusive means 3 meals and drinks (cocktails not included)No snacks and no extras like its written-Not to forgett the Wlan is not working.We will come back to Turkey but certainly not to this hotel again
Aldin DzanovicAldin Dzanovic
20:10 18 Apr 24
Excellent hotel, the beach right next to the hotel! The food is delicious. There is a small market within the hotel that is open until 11 p.m. Great location!
The location is good and the view is very good if you get a room with sea view. Food is not that good and it’s not up to an average Turkish food. We lost the room key (card) one night and they charged us €5 for an alternative key! The room didn’t have a blanket and when we asked for one at about 10pm they said the room service is now closed and we have to wait until tomorrow!There’s local supermarkets nearby like Bim and A101 and the Havaş (airport shuttle) is 10 minutes walk from the hotel. We booked an all inclusive room but went out for food several times because the level of food offered was not satisfactory. You can take the bus (1 or 101) to the town centre or to the other side of the mountain if you want a very long walk near the sea.The hotel consists of several buildings which are not connected internally. It was not convenient having to walk through the rain and wind to get to the hotel restaurant as it was located in a different building.
It is a city hotel and of course the territory is extremely small. But I think the beach is the best in Alania. The rooms are also small but very comfortable, though. Reception workers are helpful, and waiters are fast and smiling. Food is ok. Cleaning is very good. And they have shampoos and shower gels in the hotel🥰 when you pack light - it matters. Of course, if you had had 5 stars experience before, you wouldn't LOVE it. But this hotel has its own city vibe. Sleep and eat here and go and check out the beauty of the city.As for the local hotel spa- yeh.. it is horrible. Smelly, and you do not feel clean afterwards. They say 10€ for a program - if I had known, I wouldn't have done it even for free. That is why I even refused this free "trial" massage... so visit a good hamam elsewhere -better pay more and enjoy.
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