Reef Oasis Beach Resort

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Asukoht: Sharm el Sheikh (Hadaba, Ras Um El Sid), Egiptus
Korallid, Veepark, Perepuhkus


Osa Reef Oasis Hotels & Resorts hotelliketti. See asub Hadaba linnaosas Ras Umm El Sidi lahes. Ideaalne koht nii peredele kui noortele. Sukeldumis- ja snorgeldamishuvilised saavad unustamatu kogemuse Temple Reefi veealusest maailmast. Kaasaegne sukeldumiskeskus pakub laia valikut koolitusi.


  • Mere ääres
  • Liivarannas
  • Kaugus kuurordi keskusest on umbes 7 km (Naama Bay)
  • Kaugus lennujaamast umbes 17 km (Sharm El Sheikh)
  • Hotell asub korallrannas
  • Vetteminekul on korallpõhi
  • Rannas on pontoonsild


  • Avati 1998 a
  • Osaliselt renoveeritud 2018 a
  • Tubade arv – 670
  • Restoranid – 3
  • A’ la Carte restoran (lisatasu eest)
  • Idamaine kohvik (lisatasu eest)
  • Baar
  • Rannabaar
  • Basseinibaarid – 4
  • Konverentsisaal (lisatasu eest)
  • WiFi (paiguti hotelli territooriumil)
  • Kauplused (lisatasu eest)
  • Pangaautomaat
  • Pesumaja (lisatasu eest)
  • Arst (lisatasu eest)
  • Turvakontroll
  • Basseinid – 5
  • Välijacuzzi – 3
  • Soojendusega bassein (talve perioodil)
  • Lamamistoolid basseini ääres
  • Lamamistoolid rannas
  • Päikesevarjud basseini ääres
  • Päikesevarjud rannas
  • Rannarätikud basseini ääres
  • Rannarätikud rannas
  • Hotellis on veepark
  • Hotelli ametlik kategooria – 4*


Preferred tuba
  • Toa suurus umbes 45 m2
  • Aia- või basseinivaade
  • Dušš
  • WC
  • Föön
  • Rõdu või terrass
  • Konditsioneer (tsentraalne, töötab perioodiliselt)
  • Telefon
  • Televiisor
  • Minibaar (lisatasu eest)
  • Seif
  • Maksimaalne majutus – 3 inimest
Superior tuba, aia-/ basseinivaade
  • Toa suurus umbes 40 m2
  • Aiavaade
  • Dušš
  • WC
  • Föön
  • Rõdu või terrass
  • Konditsioneer (reguleeritav)
  • Telefon
  • Televiisor
  • Minibaar (lisatasu eest)
  • Seif
  • Maksimaalne majutus – 2 inimest
  • Toa suurus umbes 44 m2
  • 2 lükanduksega eraldatud magamistuba
  • Dušš
  • WC
  • Föön
  • Terrass
  • Konditsioneer(reguleeritav) (töötab perioodiliselt)
  • Telefon
  • Televiisor
  • Minibaar (lisatasu eest)
  • Seif
  • Maksimaalne majutus – 2+2 inimest

Aktiivne puhkus

  • Jalgpall
  • Võrkpall
  • Piljard (lisatasu eest)
  • Jõusaal
  • Lauatennis
  • Tenniseväljakud – 2
  • Valgustatud tenniseväljak (lisatasu eest)
  • Veesport (lisatasu eest)
  • Massaaž (lisatasu eest)
  • Jacuzzi (lisatasu eest)
  • Aurusaun (lisatasu eest)
  • Saun (lisatasu eest)
  • Hotellis on tervise- ja ilukeskus (lisatasu eest)
  • Hotellis on veepark


  • Lastebassein (eraldatud osa basseinis)
  • Miniklubi
  • Mängudetuba (lisatasu eest)
  • Mänguväljak
  • Minidisko
  • Veeliumäed
  • Perioodiliselt korraldatakse lastele meelelahutusprogramme

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Reef Oasis Beach Resort
Based on 2610 reviews
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Hoda BazziHoda Bazzi
18:39 21 Jul 24
It was really amazing vacation, we used to travel Sharm too much, but this time it was the best,Thanks Mr. Mahmoud Abdel Wahab for the nice and helpful dealing with us.This stay included everything, an access to aqua park, great sandy beach with coral reefs and colored fishes, a deep amazing reef rich of coral reefs, we felt no need to go out the hotel or make any diving trip,It was so clean with perfect view, we were afraid to travel in June and July as its so hot but actually due to the perfect view of restaurant, bar and cafe we could satisfy the sea view with a nice rest between 12-3 PMFood perfectly includes various international cuisines, many swimming pools,So clean, thanks for the housekeeping Rida.all staff at beach, restaurants and reception were friendly.My son was shy in speaking but when he came back from this vacation he told everyone about what did he see, butterfly fish, eagle ray, dori , pufferfish most of it could see it at beachAlso we could see by mask Nemo and its kids it has a home there directly down the hotel reef ❤️❤️
Fabio FerrariFabio Ferrari
15:28 21 Jul 24
Dream holiday, large but well organized resort, many restaurants with delicious food.The coral reef is really beautiful, you can see a lot of fish.All the staff pay particular attention to air conditioning and water, which is only given in bottles or from dispensers, ice is always generated from bottled water.Entertainment always present but never intrusive, they organize lots of activities.Fantastic Veratour staff, both during the excursions and during the days in the village, Bibo is very good!Special thanks also to the Dive Club staff, Reda accompanied us on the evening snorkel, an excellent guide!Super nice LeoI will definitely return
tommaso ruggeritommaso ruggeri
13:44 21 Jul 24
I don't want to spoil anything, enjoy it because it's worth it!!
Giuseppe De MucciGiuseppe De Mucci
14:47 20 Jul 24
Ehor BobiEhor Bobi
14:00 20 Jul 24
The Bomba hotel is the best in the world, everything is there, there are swimming pools, there are top rooms, there is a cabin where there is delicious food, there is a clean sea, there are carals and fish, everything is there and all inclusive. EVEN THERE IS TRANSPORT THAT CARRIES GUESTS OF THIS HOTEL, I didn’t even say that there are different types of restaurants there FOR FREE! AND THERE IS A POOL BAR TOO! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND GOING HERE, ESPECIALLY WITH A COMPANY BECAUSE IT'S BETTER AND MORE FUN! And I really liked the house that stands at the top, it’s just amazing, but expensive 😐. In short, I advise you to go to the desert; it’s not too close, but you can ride ATVs there. In short, I advise you to GO WITH A COMPANY!
anna lucia iscerianna lucia isceri
03:39 11 Jun 24
Everything is wonderful
Giovanni PaternòGiovanni Paternò
19:04 10 Jun 24
Marco D.Marco D.
17:58 10 Jun 24
Everything as expected. Super well-kept and clean village, as is the room. All the staff are friendly and helpful, compliments in particular to Mohamed at reception who is super friendly, speaks Italian and always available for any information. The buffet restaurants always have a wide variety of proposals, which are rotated during the week. The food in general is good and did not give us any problems. The pasta corner is very good, always with excellent dishes and the pizza point is appreciated both on the beach and behind the central bar. In less than 5 minutes walk you reach the beach and we had a swimming pool right under the room. On the beach we had no difficulty finding an umbrella even going late. The entertainment is always present and very attentive. Excellent shuttle service that goes back and forth from the sea. Overall we were super satisfied and would choose it again.The only negative note in the buffet restaurant room by the sea was that crows or birds often entered to take food from dishes left unattended, the management should find a solution to this inconvenience.
ilenia giorgiilenia giorgi
12:51 09 Jun 24
Alina CAlina C
09:13 09 Jun 24
Galina SadykovaGalina Sadykova
19:31 18 May 24
I am Russian, living 15 years in Sharm.Never in my life I met such behavior like I face from the recreation employee of this hotel. I been riding board , just passing by their sea, when he started to use his whistle long and loudly to let us go far to the deep sea where is the boats and after I can't do it due to strong wind and current he started to shout to me and my 12 y.o son that WE ARE STUPUD ANIMALS in the front of many people on the jetty. I hope that management of you hotel will take necessary action, as you are positioned yourself as a respectful 5* hotel, while the employee is behaving as unpolite, unprofessional, rude
Deniz Can BakkalcıDeniz Can Bakkalcı
16:11 31 Mar 24
Main attraction in this hotel is the Reef and the beach area. Overall the hotel has very good level of cleanliness. Most of the tourists are Italian thus the staff mainly talks Italian. If you talk in English it can be a little be difficult to make requests. The gardens are really well kept and the overall ambiance is beautiful. Reef directly accessed from the beach is breathtaking. One dissatisfaction is the alcohol, except the beer all other spirits are the same local brand and they have very low alcohol content, they are more like spirit flavored liquids. We mostly stuck to beer. When it comes to food there are a lot of options but they are kind of hit or miss. Breakfast pastries and dinner desserts can be improved they don’t taste very good. At all hours there is pizza at the beach and pools but it had a weird oily taste like margarine.There are two hotels in the same area which are Sentido and Reef Oasis Beach. If you stay in the latter you can use the aqua park in Sentido but can’t you use their other pools. This can be communicated during check-in so that there is no confusion.
Maciej LagiewkaMaciej Lagiewka
10:17 18 Mar 24
Our stay was overall amazing. All the staff at the hotel from check in, bars and cleaners were thoughtful and kind. But I have to give a special shout out to the ANIMATION TEAM. These guys do a great job and make the stay just so much better. Sultan and other friend which I didn’t manage get the name of made us feel at home and provided great entertainment every single day. Would recommend this hotel to everyone. If the animation team read this follow me on instagram @m4ciejj would be great to keep in touch.
Mahmoud TshtebaMahmoud Tshteba
21:16 28 Feb 24
I would like to thank the hotel staff for their responsiveness, they are always ready to help. The animators are fiery and cheerful. Well done, they know their stuff. The hotel is luxurious, the sea is beautiful and clean. Huge beach, enough sun loungers for everyone. The reef is beautiful, lots of room to swim
Kerrera KingmanKerrera Kingman
20:40 28 Feb 24
Amazing resort! Such friendly staff welcoming us from arrival. Facilities were amazing for people of all ages. Lovely beach and great access to the sea. Food was tasty and fresh. Definitely recommend!
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