Seaden Sea World Resort & Spa

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Asukoht: Side (Kizilagas), Türgi
Rannahotell, Veepark, Peredele


Mereäärne hotell koos külalislahke personaliga, hoolitsetud territoorium. Hotellis on A la Carte restoranid, veekeskus, veeliumäed, SPA-keskus, basseinid, jõusaal, lastele on lõbusad meelelahutusprogrammid, mängud ja lasteklubi. Sobib perepuhkuseks koos lastega.


  • 70 km Antalya lennujaamast
  • 10 km Manavgati linnast
  • Mere ääres.


Hotell on ehitatud 2009. aastal. Viimane renoveerimine tehtud 2018 a. Üldpindala 50.000 m². Hotell koosneb ühest 5-korruselisest peahoonest.

  • Basseinid: 3
  • Rannarätikud basseini ääres: tasuta
  • Veeliumäed: 4
  • Restoranid: 1 (pealmine, taimetoidud)
  • Päikesevarjud, lamamistoolid ja madratsid basseini ääres: tasuta
  • Kauplused
  • Spaa-keskus
  • WiFi tasuta
  • Pesula tasuline
  • Juuksur
  • Konverentsisaalid: 4 (50 – 1200 inimesele)
  • Kisebasseinid: 1
  • Baarid: 7
  • Arstikabinet
  • Internetikohvik tasuline
  • A la Carte restoranid: 3 (idamaine, itaalia, ottomani restora, eelbroneerimisel, nädala jooksul ühe restorani üks külastus tasuta)
  • Kondiitriäri


  • Rannabaar: tasuta
  • Liiva-kiviklibune
  • Lamamistoolid, päikesevarjud ja madratsid rannas: tasuta
  • Rätikud rannas: tasuta
  • Erarand


Standard Sea View
  • Toa suurus umbes 33 m2
  • Basseini-/ aia-/ või merevaatega
Family tuba
  • Toa suurus umbes 50 m2
  • Basseini-/ aia-/ või merevaatega
Kõikides tubades
  • Seif: toas, tasuta
  • Internet: Wi-Fi, tasuta
  • Föön
  • Põrand: laminaat
  • Tee ja kohvi valmistamise võimalus
  • Tubade koristamine: igapäevaselt
  • Voodipesu vahetus: 3 korda nädalas
  • Konditsioneer: üld
  • Rõdu
  • Veekeetja
  • Televiisor: olemas (kaabel-tv)
  • Telefon
  • Vann või dušš
  • Toateenindus: ööpäevaringselt, tasuline
  • Minibaar tasuta (vesi – iga päev, karastusjoogid ja õlu täidetakse saabumisel ja kord nädalas tasuta)

Aktiivne puhkus

  • Massaaž tasuline
  • Tennise reketide ja pallide rent tasuta
  • Noolemäng tasuta
  • Lauatennis tasuta
  • Saun tasuta
  • Aeroobika tasuta
  • Tenniseväljak tasuta (2 väljakut kõvakattega)
  • Aurusaun tasuta
  • Petang tasuta
  • Mullivann tasuline
  • Veesport tasuline
  • Vibulaskmine tasuta
  • Mänguautomaadid tasuline
  • Tenniseväljaku valgustus tasuline
  • Vesiaeroobika tasuta
  • Meelelahutusprogramm tasuta
  • Jõusaal tasuta
  • Diskoteek tasuta (sissepääs)
  • Bowling tasuline (2 rada)
  • Sukeldumine tasuline
  • Piljard tasuline
  • Rannavõrkpall tasuta
  • Türgi saun (hammam) tasuta


  • Lastebassein: olemas
  • Lapsehoidja teenus: tasuline
  • Miniklubi (miniklubi (4-12a))
  • Mänguväljak
  • Laste puhvet
  • Veeliumäed

Hotelli toitlustus

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Nina HopeNina Hope
13:05 29 May 24
We booked a TUI holiday package this year following our overwhelmingly positive trip to MAGIC LIFE Africana in Tunisia last year. Unfortunately, this year's trip did not exactly live up to the same expectations. Our outbound flights were delayed, we only got in to our resort after 4am. On arrival staff were not particularly welcoming - Understandable due to time of night etc. but when we arrived at our room our baby's cot was not in the correct room. An issue we had foreseen and tried to resolve ahead of time by calls with TUI. However, the instructions, for whatever reason were not passed on. The hotel staff did not help and we had to move the cot ourselves. We had booked a family room but it was the same size as the normal room of the other people were travelling with - the only difference was a partition/divider between the double and twin beds. The room was too small to move and we asked the hotel management to remove the additional twin bed to make room for the cot - at first they refused and tried to charge us extra but the resort TUI rep helped us resolve this. The resort was beautiful, however we didn't find the staff to be particularly friendly and there was obviously a language barrier due to relatively small amount of English understanding, it was a very German focused resort. A lot of items were charged at a high price so no 'all inclusive', for example a set cocktail list, with other favourites Pina Colada available with an added cost of 7 euros! Fresh orange juice at breakfast was also chargeable at 1.5 euros. One day I thought I would treat us to a pina colada despite the additional cost and was told they did not have the ingredients. Last year, these were included. The kids club was poor, staff were not engaged and all activities were charged at an extra cost which were told about after the fact (all activities were included for free last year). Having said that, the pools and facilities were fantastic, it's a shame that some of the shine was taken from our trip due to additional extras, unfriendly staff and poor transfers/flights. Will not return.
Absolutely DO NOT book this hotel under any circumstances. Here are several reasons why:1. **Construction Noise**: They start construction at 5 AM without any regard for the guests' comfort.2. **Unhygienic Food**: There was hair in almost every dish, which is unacceptable and disgusting.3. **Poor Housekeeping**: The cleaning services were FAR below standard. The housekeepers were very polite but the housekeeping was not, not good. Dirt everywhere.4. **Minibar Issues**: Although the minibar was supposed to be complimentary, it was only ever restocked with water—nothing else.5. **Language Barrier**: None of the hotel staff could speak English, making communication extremely difficult and frustrating.6. **Dirty Balconies**: The balconies were constantly covered in dirt and debris, as the cleaners simply swept the mess from the upper floors down to the lower ones.7. **Faulty Air Conditioning**: The AC did not work during the hottest part of the day, making the rooms unbearably warm.8. **Noise**: The rooms were incredibly noisy—you could hear everything. If you’re lucky, you might be able to fall asleep around 2 or 3 AM.9. **Animals**: Animals roamed freely around the hotel, which I found very unpleasant (though this may be a matter of personal taste).10. **Cold Pool Water**: The pool water was uncomfortably cold.11. **Dirty Beach**: The beach was very dirty and not well-maintained.12. **No Food Variation**: The food lacked variety, but what was even worse was that I constantly felt disgusted because there was hair in the food the two days we (unfortunately) spent there.The only positive aspect was the taxi manager outside the hotel, who was excellent and deserves full credit.In summary, this hotel provides a thoroughly unpleasant experience and should be avoided at all costs.
Robert PayneRobert Payne
10:36 15 May 24
This review is based upon the opinion of someone from England (UK), if I was or could speak German, then my review of service may and possibly other aspects may be more positive. Firstly, there is nothing significantly wrong with the hotel other than some general maintenance to the outdoor facilities and grounds is required. The complex is very clean and tidy but facilities are dated and some are broken or in poor cosmetic condition. Secondly, the hotel is oriented towards the German tourist market.After Turkish, German is the predominant language spoken and food and entertainment is focused on German tastes, with French, Russian and UK tourists in the minority. I did not mind staying in a such a hotel, the German guests were polite and well behaved, and appeared to have a good time without being drunk and disorderly (not like the English at similar hotels I have stayed at).The entertainment team work very hard and provide a 45 minute multinational mini disco each night, with some professional acts following on some evenings. A special mention has to be made to Goofy, a children’s rep who was brilliant, friendly and helpful.There are chickens, turkeys, peacocks and ducks freely roaming around the whole hotel, this may be good or bad. Equally the beach is very grainy sand, with stones near the waters edge, some people may like this but I prefer golden sands.The hotel is quite isolated with some tourist style shops nearby. The prominent currency is Euros and everything is at tourist prices, so expect UK prices or more. I’d guess for bargains, head out to Side (but no direct buses so a taxi or trip would be required).
M. K.M. K.
09:13 23 Apr 24
I was thinking some time about how many stars to give 2 or 3. I choose 3..........why?Positive:- when asked, the staff was doing their best to help- the room was spacious, and what I very much liked a mini refrigerator.- there was a gymThe food tasted very well. Different varieties and amounts mostly in the evening- the area is beautiful and whatever someone needs I think you'll get there. Especially the pool area with those birds I loved it!- the beach is in the front and next to tennis courts- I liked the extras on the side, like celebrating the breaking of sugar feast- cocktails alcoholic and non alcoholic foe free in all-inclusive- across the street are small supermarkets for other stuff you want to getNegative;- most of the staff was friendly, yes, but some didn't have the smile on their faces- some days the room was cleaned in the morning some after lunch. I don't know why?!- while the food tasted amazing and had variety, a lot was repeated each day at lunch and in the evening. The sweets were kinda the same for me throughout my stay.The tables were new decorated for each and every course but the tablecloth etc could be a lot cleanerI hate when there are specific time schedules, and on some days, everybody is taking those, and on some days, no. Is the staff then different or other reasons!?- The room could be cleaner, and for a five-star hotel, I was missing some bath utensilsThe gym was there but no sanitizer and no water for 5 out of 7 days... a no go for me- The equipment is ok, but some weren't working correctly or from the 90sBy the size of the hotel, the hotel could use more cardio and weights, heavier dumbellsI would still recommend this hotel and had a good and nice stay for a week
Matej GašpierikMatej Gašpierik
08:37 19 Apr 24
One of the best holidays we experienced in Turkey. We have been to this hotel twice, in 2014 and 2016. Even then, the services were at a high level, the environment was very nice, the rooms were spacious and modernly furnished. I believe that is the case so far. I recommend this hotel to everyone
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