Selectum Luxury Resort Belek

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Asukoht: Belek, Türgi
Perehotell, Hea tagasiside, Aktiivne puhkus
Hotelli koduleht


Hea tagasisidega 5-tärni perehotell Belekis. Hotellis on mugavad ja avarad toad. Välibasseinist avaneb vaade Beleki rannapiirkonnale. Selectum Luxury Resort Belekil on 12 tenniseväljakut ja 1 väike jalgpalliväljak. Noorematele külalistele veepark ning meelelahutus programmid nii lastele kui täiskasvanutele. Umbes 5 km kaugusel hotellist asub 10 golfiväljakut.

Selectum keti, Ultra All Inclusive, hotellid Türgis





  • Hotell asub 7 km kaugusel Beleki keskusest
  • Kaugus Antalya lennujaamast umbes 30 km
  • Mere ääres


Hotell avati 2017. aastal ja renoveeriti 2018. aastal. Territooriumi kogupindala on 95.000 m2. Hotell koosneb ühest 9-korruselisest hoonest. Hoone jagatud A ja B plokideks. Lisaks 2-korruseliste perehoonete kompleks. Mugavuse huvides on peahoones 4 lifti.

  • Veepark, 6 + 8 liumäge, 900 m2 (töötab ainult suvehooajal)
  • Bassein (4700 m2)
  • Thalasso relax-soolase veega bassein (105 m2, talvel soojendatud)
  • Bassein Family club (1000 m2)
  • Soojendusega sisebassein (350 m2)
  • Mereveega sisebassein (95 m2) – lisatasu eest
  • Pearestoran “Selectum” 450 inimesele
  • Restoran Select 7/24
  • Pearestoran Family club
  • 3 A la Carte restorani: Steakhouse, kala ja mereannid; Itaalia köök – broneeringu alusel (üks külastus ühes restoranis on tasuta, peatudes alates 5 ööst, töötavad graafiku alusel)
  • Patisserie
  • 7 baari
  • Coffee shop, smuutibaar, jäätisebaar
  • Veinikelder (lisatasu eest)


Hotellis on 400 tuba (300 peahoones ja 100 perehoonetes).

Deluxe Room Land View / Partial Sea View

Toa suurus umbes 70 m2. Vaatega aeda või külgmerevaade (erinevad kategooriad), ühetoaline, maksimaalne majutus – 3 inimest

Family Room

Toa suurus umbes 37 m2. Metsa-/aiavaade/basseinivaade. Toad asuvad perehoonetes. 2-toaline (2 magamistuba), vaheuks, 2 telerit, rõdu/terrass, Play Station, käru (päring), maksimaalne majutus 2+1 või 2+2

  • Rõdu, prantsuserõdu või terrass
  • Kliimaseade
  • Hommikumantlid, sussid
  • Telefon
  • Seif (tasuta)
  • Minibaar (külmad joogid, vesi, mineraalvesi, mahl, krõpsud, marmelaad, šokolaad, piim ja Nesquik lastele; valik võib muutuda)
  • TV
  • Wi-Fi
  • Tee ja kohvi valmistamise võimalus
  • Föön
  • Dušš / vann
  • Mullivann (välja arvatud Family Room toad)
  • Kokkupandav lisavoodi 90×190 (päring)
  • Põrandakate: Laminaat / vaip / puit
  • Toa koristamine: Iga päev
  • Rätikute vahetamine: Iga päev

Aktiivne puhkus

  • Jõusaal
  • Aeroobika
  • Korvpall (valgustus lisatasu eest)
  • Jalgpall (valgustus lisatasu eest)
  • Rannavõrkpall
  • Lauatennis
  • Tenniseväljakud, kõva pind (valgustus ja varustus lisatasu eest)
  • Noolemäng
  • Malemäng
  • Piljard
  • Disko (tasuta)
  • Elav muusika
  • Päevane ja õhtune meelelahutusprogramm
  • Kontserdid ja etendused suvehooajal
  • Bowling (lisatasu eest)
  • Golf (lisatasu eest)
  • Veesport (lisatasu eest)
  • Kino
  • SPA keskus
  • Hamam, saun (tasuta)
  • Mullivann (lisatasu eest)
  • Massaaž (lisatasu eest)
  • Ayurveda, thalassoteraapia (lisatasu eest)
  • Juuksur (lisatasu eest)


  • Lastebassein (30 m2, lasteklubi territooriumil)
  • 2 siseruumides asuvat lastebasseini (22 m2 ja 30 m2)
  • Laste “rootsi laud” restoranis
  • Veeliumäed “selecto” (6-17-aastased)
  • Lasteklubi “selecto” vaheaegadega
  • Miniklubi lastele 4-12 ja 13+ aastat
  • Puppy’s world sisaldab laste klubi  Selecto, veepark
  • 8 torniga veekeskus (lastele)
  • Puppy’s teater / kino interaktiivsed lastesaated kostüümide ja meigiga
  • Kino ja Play Station iga päev
  • Spetsiaalne akvaarium dekoratiivkaladega
  • Mängukeskus 3 torniga ja 6 temaatilise töötoaga
  • Lõbustuspark
  • Minidisko
  • Siseruumides kino
  • Laste tenniseväljak (eelneval broneerimisel)
  • Mänguväljak
  • Mänguväljak ranna ääres
  • Lastetoolid restoranis
  • Beebivoodi
  • Termomeeter, vann, lastepott, laste hommikumantlid ja sussid, beebi vannitarvikud
  • Lastevoodid

Hotelli toitlustus

  • Ultra Kõik Hinnas
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mina philipmina philip
12:45 02 Jul 24
One of the most luxurious resorts and kid friendly I have been too everything was amazing during my stay and I want to thank mr.samet for his help in everything
Husein HadjaevHusein Hadjaev
07:55 02 Jul 24
We really enjoyed our stay at this hotel and will definitely come back. year)I remember the children's club, the amusement park for kids and of course the evening show!) Thanks to the staff and the hotel in general, prosperity to you☺️
The most magnificent hotel we have ever been to. Polite, caring staff, delicious food, beautiful rooms, excellent water park. Very high level of service. Thanks to the hotel for a great holiday with my familySpecial thanks to our wonderful assistants Belek, Karina and Tina for caring and solving all our questions 🙏🏻
Deniz SönmezDeniz Sönmez
01:03 01 Jul 24
Great holiday, great service. It was my first visit, I will come again from now on. Very luxurious and magnificent. The rooms are clean, the kids club is safe. You can have a holiday easily.
Melis AvcıMelis Avcı
00:59 01 Jul 24
Your hotel is really beautiful and big. I had a very nice holiday, it was perfect. The food, drinks, everything was great. It was good at the club for kids, I liked everything about it. The service was also very nice. I loved it very much.
Carleen PocklingtonCarleen Pocklington
10:28 28 May 24
★★★★★Our stay at this hotel was absolutely fantastic, and I can't recommend it highly enough for families! The rooms are impeccably clean and well kept, with every detail thoughtfully designed for families. The family rooms have the cutest puppy theme, which my children adored. This theme is carried through to even the smallest details, like the children’s slippers with adorable puppy designs. The hotel grounds are dotted with numerous play structures, ensuring the kids always had something fun to do.One of the biggest highlights for our family was the children’s mini club. It’s exceptionally well run, and I want to give a special mention to the staff members who made our children’s experience extraordinary: Nadya, Melike, Jaren, Sandugash, Elvira, and Amet. They made our visit unforgettable by giving our kids presents like Hot Wheels Cars and Barbies, adding a personal touch that we greatly appreciated.The children’s entertainment was phenomenal throughout our stay. The mini disco at 20:15 every evening was a huge hit with our kids, and the daily children’s show that followed (except on Sundays) kept them thoroughly entertained. The resort has two pools near the main building that are very kid-friendly, one of which has fun slides. Additionally, there’s a large pool with varying depths and a pool bar conveniently located near the puppy kitchen. The puppy kitchen is a smaller, family-oriented buffet area with a slide inside, which is perfect for keeping the kids entertained while parents enjoy a relaxing breakfast.The food at the resort is outstanding with a wide variety of options and a different theme each day. We particularly enjoyed spending time at the waterpark, which features several slides for younger children and a larger section for kids aged around 6 and up. The lifeguards were excellent, and I want to especially commend Abdulrahman for his exceptional care. Every day, he set up our towels and was absolutely wonderful with our family.Even the evening adult entertainment was top-notch, with high-quality performances that made every night feel like one big party. The service throughout our stay was truly above and beyond. Every staff member we encountered went out of their way to ensure we had a wonderful time.Overall, this resort exceeded our expectations in every way. The thoughtful details, excellent entertainment, and outstanding service make it a perfect family destination. I hope you have the chance to enjoy this amazing place with your family one day!
reza borhanireza borhani
17:26 09 May 24
Foods and drinks are wonderful. Maybe hotel should arrange their own transportation that would be better housekeeping is very nice and good at their job. Special thanks to Basak, Serkan andsaeed The staff is so polite.
Ola Z.Ola Z.
11:49 09 May 24
1.The hotel is advertising with a large pier with sunbeds. In real life it's under construction and closed for guests. You need to listen to drilling while being on the beach. Half of the beach is also closed resulting in no sunbeds available if you go outside after 11.In addition, while taking a walk on a beach we found a desk with sharp nails in the water, so the construction works can be dangerous to the guests.Hotel's responding to other opinions that the pier will be ready for summer-we were told that the outside pool is not heated anymore because it's summer already.The pool was very cold and only few people were brave enough to swim.Outside sunbeds are dirty and should be replaced.2.Upon arrival the concierge encouraged us to book a table in al la carte restaurants. The first problem was the sushi place is permanently closed. When we wanted to book a table in steakhouse 2days in advance,we got an info that booking is possible only 1day in advance. When we repeated our request the next day,we heard that all restaurants are fully booked for the next week. We gave up on the steakhouse and went outside the hotel for this occasion. We checked if booking Italian restaurant is possible-yes it is. Ok,so please book a table-sorry,restaurant is closed.Meanwhile,we were passing by the Italian restaurant everyday and it was not even half full.3.There are no info visible in the hotel nor available in the room.Every question or info needs to be requested with a concierge on Whatsapp.It's annoying,we are not going on holiday to use our phones all the time. At least a simple map of the hotel should be available in the room. If you want it to be digital, invest in an app so the guests can book tables or get any info by themselves with no need to wait for the concierge to reply.4.The housekeeping staff was waking us up in the morning with knocking or even entering the room despite "do not disturb" sign hanging on the door. It's ridiculous, especially with the fact that the bathroomsin the rooms don't have door,so if someone opens the room door, a person taking a bath in a bathtub is exposed to the hotel corridor.5.There are different working hours for each part of the hotel, but a few times we experienced their closing anyway. E.g. waffles 9-16,we went there 15:55,it was closed. Patisserie 10-19,we went 10:30,it was closed,the staff was there but we were told to wait until11.Game room 11-24,we went at 12,closed door.6.There are no cold beverages in the main restaurant, all drinks should be served by waiters. It happened multiple times that we ate our meal, sat there for 40 mins and nobody approached our table, so we didn't drink anything. Same long waiting time is at the bar or pool (30 mins for a drink).7.Internet connection is not available in all parts of the hotel, works fine on the beach, but no reception at all at the main pool.8.There is a cage(?)with cats near the spa area outside.There are 10+cats closed all the time in a cage approx.2x5metres.It would be not allowed in any developed country caring about animal rights. I don't know of they are there for children's entertainment but anyways it should not be there.9.The rooms condition doesn't suit 5*standard - there are wholes in the walls, rain shower looks like it wasn't cleaned for months (spraying water in every direction), the handle in the bathtub is very unstable,windows are leaky and it's very loud when it's windy. We had room service everyday but the floor wasn't vacuumed. Carpets on corridors are also dirty and look like not vacuumed.10.The elevators are small-hardly fitting 4 people comfortably (without luggage).It's hard to catch the elevator and we mostly used stairs. It wasn't an issue since our room was on 1st floor but I can't imagine not being able to catch an elevator while living on 3+ floor.11.The room design is dark,windows are covered by heavy, barely moving curtains. It took time and strength to let some sunshine inside the room in the morning.Same with the wardrobe-no doors,only heavy curtains and it was difficult to use.
Dace ZorgevicaDace Zorgevica
12:09 01 May 24
Thank you for good reception. We appreciate excellent food, great choice of drinks and very exceptional service. Special thanks to Sabina and Delal from gues relations for warm welcome and support with all unclear questons. We also appreciate services near the main pool and expecially Cahide, who allways welcomes in the morning and helps with small but important things. Rooms are very nice, interior is impressive and each and everyone can find entertainment according their needs. Thank yo:)
Messages EAMessages EA
19:21 21 Apr 24
During my stay at the Hotel Selectum Luxury Resort Beleg, I was thoroughly impressed by the exceptional service provided by the staff. Firstly, I must commend the waiter James for his outstanding service. He was not only incredibly friendly and welcoming but also highly competent and efficient. James ensured that our dining experience was nothing short of perfect.Additionally, the Guest Relation Assistant Nurettin Kay played a significant role in making our stay memorable. Nurettin was always available to address any issues or needs we had during our stay. His professionalism and attentiveness were truly commendable, and he went above and beyond to ensure that we were comfortable throughout our stay.And last but not least, I must mention the excellent culinary experience we had, thanks to Chef Arif Usta. His mastery in preparing steaks and kebabs was evident in every meal we had at the hotel. The dishes prepared by Chef Arif were simply exquisite, and his culinary skills added an extra layer of enjoyment to our stay.Overall, my experience at the Hotel Selectum Luxury Resort Beleg was nothing short of exceptional, largely thanks to the outstanding service provided by James, Nurettin, and Chef Arif. I highly recommend this hotel to anyone looking for a memorable and enjoyable stay.
  • Osa pakutavaid teenuseid ja/või lisateenuseid hotellis võivad olla lisatasu eest.
  • Hotelli kirjelduses märgitud toitu ja jooke serveeritakse hotelli juhtkonna poolt kehtestatud kontseptsiooni alusel.
  • Sõltuvalt broneeritud toitlustustüübist võib kehtida lisatasu.
  • Informatsioon hotelli kirjelduse, hotelli teenuste, nende aegade ja hindade kohta võib muutuda.
  • Soojendusega basseine (kui on olemas) köetakse hotelli äranägemisel vastavalt ilmaoludele ning hotelli täituvusele.
  • Hotellidel on õigus pakutavate teenuste valikut ja hindu muuta. Hooaja alguses ja lõpus (sõltuvalt täituvusest ja vajadustest) võib osa teenuseid mitte toimida või pakutavate teenuste maht olla piiratud.
  • Hotelli kodulehel leitavat informatsiooni haldab ja ajakohastab hotell. Reisibürool ja Reisikorraldajal puudub vastutus antud veebilehel avaldatud teabe kohta.
  • Skyekspert veebileheküljele postitatud fotod on illustratiivse tähendusega, mistõttu võivad hotellitoa värv, mööbel, planeering, toa tegelik seisukord, hotelli territoorium erineda.
  • Skyekspert pakub teavet hotellide kohta tuginedes ainult hotellide klassifikatsioonile, mille esitab hotelli administratsioon ning reisikorraldajad.