Titanic Royal Resort

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Populaarne 5-tärni kuurort-hotell, avatud 2019 aastal, kuulub Titanic hotelliketti. Avar territoorium (50.000 m2), mugavad toad, sobib perepuhkuseks. Hotellikülalised võivad tasuta kasutada naaberhotelli Titanic Resort & Aqua Park veeparki. Hotell on ideaalne koht perepuhkuseks. Toad on hoolikalt kujundatud ja sisustatud ning neis on konditsioneer, televiisor, minibaar ja seif. Hotellis on välibasseinid, veepark, jõusaal ja spaa. Külalistele pakutavate meelelahutuste hulgas on piljard, bowling, võrkpall ja meelelahutus. Lastele on miniklubi.

Vaata veel – Titanic keti hotellid Egiptuses


TITANIC PALACE 5* | Hurghada



  • Liivarannas
  • Kaugus kuurordi keskusest on umbes 17 km (Hurghada)
  • Kaugus lennujaamast umbes 10 km (Hurghada)
  • Hotell asub vaikses piirkonnas
  • Hotell asub mere ääres


  • Avati 2019 a
  • Tubade arv – 387
  • Pearestoran
  • A’ la Carte restoranid – 3 (lisatasu eest)
  • Baarid – 6
  • Rannabaar
  • Basseinibaar
  • Disko
  • Konverentsisaal (lisatasu eest)
  • Puhketuba
  • WiFi
  • Kauplused
  • Juuksur (lisatasu eest)
  • Pesumaja (lisatasu eest)
  • Arst 24h (lisatasu eest)
  • Basseinid – 3
  • Soojendusega bassein (talve perioodil)
  • Lamamistoolid basseini ääres
  • Lamamistoolid rannas
  • Päikesevarjud basseini ääres
  • Päikesevarjud rannas
  • Rannarätikud basseini ääres
  • Rannarätikud rannas


Standard tuba

Foto toast Kaheinimesetuba, Double või Twin - Basseinivaatega nr 2

  • Toa suurus umbes 42 m2
  • Diivanvoodi (või lisavoodi)
  • Dušš
  • WC
  • Föön
  • Rõdu või terrass
  • Konditsioneer (reguleeritav)
  • Telefon
  • LCD televiisor
  • Minibaar (täidetakse igapäevaselt – vesi ja karastusjoogid)
  • Seif
  • WiFi
  • Tee ja kohvi tegemise võimalus
  • Maksimaalne majutus – 3+1 inimest

Foto toast Peretuba nr 3

  • Toa suurus umbes 55 m2
  • Dušš
  • WC
  • Föön
  • Rõdu või terrass
  • Konditsioneer (reguleeritav)
  • Telefon
  • LCD televiisor
  • Minibaar (täidetakse igapäevaselt – vesi ja karastusjoogid)
  • Seif
  • WiFi
  • Tee ja kohvi tegemise võimalus
  • Maksimaalne majutus – 3+1 inimest

Aktiivne puhkus

  • Piljard (lisatasu eest)
  • Bowling (lisatasu eest)
  • Jõusaal (lisatasu eest)
  • Jacuzzi (lisatasu eest)
  • Aurusaun (lisatasu eest)
  • Saunad (lisatasu eest)
  • Hotellis on spaa-keskus (lisatasu eest)
  • Hotelli lähedal asub veepark (hotellis “Titanic Resort & Aqua Park”)
  • Perioodiliselt korraldatakse meelelahutusprogramme


  • Lastebasseinid – 2
  • Soojendusega lastebasseinid – 2
  • Miniklubi
  • Mänguväljak
  • Mängutuba (lisatasu eest)
  • Minidisko
  • Lapsehoidja (lisatasu eest)
  • Perioodiliselt korraldatakse lastele meelelahutusprogramme
  • Veeliumäed

Hotelli toitlustus

  • Olemasolevad toitlustustüübid: Kõik hinnas
  • A’ la Carte restoranid õhtusöögiks ettetellimisel
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Titanic Royal
Based on 2510 reviews
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Elloise CookeElloise Cooke
09:32 09 Jun 24
This place is horrible, do not go!! There is little to no entertainment for adults, the entertainment for kids is okay but it’s the same thing every night. The food is horrible so bad it’s so bland, if you want to book a restaurant you have to book the day before at 9am. They wouldn’t let me get one for my birthday. Do not book any excursions with them!!! They tried to charge us £40 pp we asked an Uber driver he recommended someone and we got the same excursion for £20pp. They harass you all day when you’re walking around different people from the sales team. They don’t change the sheets, they just make your bed. The room cleanliness isn’t the best. Khaled who worked at the smoothie bar was amazing he went above and beyond for my birthday. Overall go somewhere else the Titanic Aqua park is better just do not book here!
Em KuEm Ku
07:05 09 Jun 24
Very good hotel, but 1 thing I didn't like:The prices at the book shop (first floor) in the hotel! For tampons 10 euro (small pack) and other think are 3-10x more expensive! Crazy. A lot of people when we were there walked away because of the prices.
Franciska FöldesnéFranciska Földesné
21:31 08 Jun 24
We got to know a lot of good people, we could only learn from them, their kindness, their attentiveness, if I could we would go there again
Anikó RóthAnikó Róth
08:40 04 Jun 24
All members of the staff are very nice. They do everything to make the guests feel good.Nice clean spacious spaces, shallow beach, game room, animation. There are great children's pools for children, and it's also worth going to the aqua park.The a'la carte restaurants are great. Thank you Titanic Royal!
Mohamed SalahMohamed Salah
14:48 02 Jun 24
Alexandra AleAlexandra Ale
09:04 20 May 24
First impression was not that good, as upon arrival we found our bedsheets dirty…it didn’t look as the beds were changed. After bringing it to the receptions attention, it was solved. The food is ok, but not that much selection-especially for breakfast. The alcohol variety is very poor, they did not have tonic water for gin tonic. The alcohol used is cheap. The cleanless is poor- too bad, as the hotel is nice, but not mantained. The pools are nice, a lot of variety for children. The beach, well arranged and the sea really nice. The personell is ok, some very nice and some bored. Overall, I don’t think I would return here.
Alden ObradovicAlden Obradovic
04:39 18 May 24
Food and service is bad compared to the other hotels in the Egypt. It is not possible to swim in the sea since it is shallow.The only good thing is that i am happy to get back home.
Tomaž KrajncTomaž Krajnc
10:43 07 May 24
The room was great and very clean, sometimes towels were changed a bit late, staff was very kind and helpful, pools are awesome and water is crystal clear (it could be a bit warmer thou, specially for rooms with swim-up pools). Entertainment was a bit below my expectations, but still entertaining. T You had a great spa but unfortunately you closed it on May 1st.
Paul CoxPaul Cox
05:18 12 Apr 24
I've never been to a 5 star all inclusive where it has felt like I am hemorrhaging money from the minute I enter, the relentless hard sell from trip companies and the spa operating inside the hotel make laying be the pool almost impossible as you're constantly harassed by sales people selling hugely overpriced treatments. Once in the spa you're massage stops half way through to remind you to tip generously and the begging continues from there, despite paying twice as much for the treatment as you would anywhere else in the world (£500 for a block of massages). Same as the beauty treatment, half way through the treatment the begging starts, it's as if the staff do not get paid (£50 for a men's haircut that took less than 20 minutes, no hair wash so about £20 in central London) Similar to the shopping experiences, if you don't enjoy being harassed from the minute you enter, or even walk near the shops, then don't go near them, you'd be better off going outside to the actual shops in Egypt, same hassle and haggle mentality just probably cheaper.. we were charged nearly £50 for 2 buckets and spades amd a small inflatable (about £15 anywhere else in the world). Entertainment here is weak and repetitive in comparison to other resorts with the bulk of it being guests forced on stage to act stupid. The food was okay, but stick to the main buffet restaurant, we only tried 2 Al a carte's but it was largely the same food as the buffet just colder and hurried through, I think each sitting lasts 30 minutes for a 3 course meal. The only real saving grace we found was the service of the waiters in the buffet restaurant was great and the waiters on the beach and by the pool were amazing!
Masuda BegumMasuda Begum
23:47 25 Feb 24
The troubles with this place started as soon as we entered. The first thing we were told was that there isn’t any bed available for the child, although we booked a room with our child in it. Additionally, we waited THREE days for an iron, made countless calls to the receptionist who reassured us it’ll be with us ‘in 15 minutes’ yet it took three hours. The very last time I called, I specifically mentioned I will leave poor review due to the bad service and yet they showed absolute no care whatsoever.I found the staff rude at times but not dry friendly at all. Maybe they need to learn to smile a little more. However, my biggest issue was with the fact they specifically pick and choose whom they want to be nice to and whom they do not want to serve. Guests of a certain demographic is preferred over others, particularly, if you’re of south Asian background AVOID this hotel. They would laugh and make rude comments thinking I’d not know (little did they know I speak Arabic). Disgusting behaviour and disgusting comments.The guys maintaining the rooms do a fantastic job. The restaurant people need lot of training in customer service, and the receptionist and bar people at the lobby may as well be stuck with certain individuals.Overall, not happy, will not recommend anybody else to do so either! 0 star if I could do so.
  • Osa pakutavaid teenuseid ja/või lisateenuseid hotellis võivad olla lisatasu eest.
  • Hotelli kirjelduses märgitud toitu ja jooke serveeritakse hotelli juhtkonna poolt kehtestatud kontseptsiooni alusel.
  • Sõltuvalt broneeritud toitlustustüübist võib kehtida lisatasu.
  • Informatsioon hotelli kirjelduse, hotelli teenuste, nende aegade ja hindade kohta võib muutuda.
  • Soojendusega basseine (kui on olemas) köetakse hotelli äranägemisel vastavalt ilmaoludele ning hotelli täituvusele.
  • Hotellidel on õigus pakutavate teenuste valikut ja hindu muuta. Hooaja alguses ja lõpus (sõltuvalt täituvusest ja vajadustest) võib osa teenuseid mitte toimida või pakutavate teenuste maht olla piiratud.
  • Hotelli kodulehel leitavat informatsiooni haldab ja ajakohastab hotell. Reisibürool ja Reisikorraldajal puudub vastutus antud veebilehel avaldatud teabe kohta.
  • Skyekspert veebileheküljele postitatud fotod on illustratiivse tähendusega, mistõttu võivad hotellitoa värv, mööbel, planeering, toa tegelik seisukord, hotelli territoorium erineda.
  • Skyekspert pakub teavet hotellide kohta tuginedes ainult hotellide klassifikatsioonile, mille esitab hotelli administratsioon ning reisikorraldajad.